Para Mantener La Salud

Para Mantener la Salud includes 15 Jamboard frames. Students choose what they prefer to eat followed by an "esto o eso" (this or that) activity to choose what they eat and do to stay healthy. After all sticky notes have been placed on the frames, have students go back and work with partners to write sentences about other students' responses. A great activity to be used as an interpretive and interpersonal activity

Para mantener la Salud.png

Saludos y Despedidas, ¿Cómo estás...? (Spanish Greetings & Farewells)

Introduce your students to basic Spanish greetings, asking how someone is, basic introductions, and leavetakings. Great for the first weeks of school, your students will learn hola, Buenos días, Buenas tardes Buenas noches, ¿Cómo estás?, Muy bien, gracias, ¿Y usted? and expressions of courtesy such as mucho gusto, encantado(a), etc.

Also included are 3 interpersonal activities. The first two activities are scaffolded to help students with the dialogue to be able to complete the third activity as a partner conversation.

This resource is available in Google Slides and PowerPoint in my store. Visit my store for more fun and engaging activities for the Middle School Spanish Classroom


¿Desayuno o almuerzo? Resource Bundle

This bundle features resources to complement Realidades 1/Autentico 1 Capítulo 3A - ¿Desayuno o almuerzo? Engage your students with breakfast and lunch foodsas they review 16 vocabulary words. As the input the words correctly, the mystery picture begins to reveal itself with every correct answer. The picture is relevant to the theme and students can write sentences to answer the personalized questions included. They can also use the questions to have a conversation with their partner. This is a fun and interactive activity that students enjoy and helps to improve their proficiency!


Follow it up with Google Interactive Slides that provide students with a picture prompt to write a sentence using the structure of me gusta, me gustan or me encanta, me encantan. This activity can also be used to initiate conversation as a whole class activity or student paired activity to discuss compare students’  likes and dislikes.


Wrap up your lesson a fun and engaging story to contextualize present tense -er/-ir verbs. Roberto loves eating breakfast and lunch on Sundays with his family. The Sunday things get a little wacky as his cousin is visiting and has some interesting breakfast food preferences. This activity complements Realidades 1/Autentico 1 Capítulo 3A vocabulary and grammar. These Interactive Google Slides can be done as a whole class activity, with partners or individually. The story also includes me gusta(n) and me encanta(n) structures. Highly comprehensible and a great way to get students talking about their likes and dislikes with food.

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