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Marco y su Mascota – A Digital Reader to complement Realidades B Capitulo 5A La Familia

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

It’s difficult sometimes to find a reader that fits perfectly with the theme of the unit that you are required to teach as part of the curriculum established by your school district. I’ve tried many, but I am so happy that I tried and ultimately got a subscription to Flangoo by Teacher’s Discovery. (Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by Flangoo or Teacher Discovery, this is solely based in my opinion).

I have always strived to make my curriculum comprehension based and acquisition-driven while sticking to the curriculum. This requires hours of searching and finding authentic resources that are compatible and more importantly relatable for my students. Also, I make sure that all the resources I use are adaptable to their proficiency level.

In my previous post, I wrote about the pre-activities I introduced to get students “hooked” on the topic of pets as family members, we read two infographics to discuss statistics about pets and adoptions in Mexico, the benefits of having a pet, and viewed a video and took a quiz to find out which is the ideal pet to have. Students loved to talk about adopting vs. buying, the responsibilities of owning a pet, and how a pet becomes part of the family. It was a perfect transition to the digital reader Marco y su Mascota by Denise Hatcher. With this reader, I was able to tailor the vocabulary and grammar points to the La Familia Unit that was required by my curriculum. Below I outline how I sequenced the lessons.

I started with my T-Chart on a Jamboard whole group activity to ask personalized questions. Students used the sticky note with their initials on the first jam slide and then wrote in a complete sentence on the next frame.

Then I set up a frame with this template from La Profe de Español available on TeacherspayTeachers. We did a quick frame using sticky notes to set up a family tree for the characters in the story, talked about the recycled the discussions from the pre-activities on the responsibilities and benefits of having a pet and I used this tener and possessive adjectives mystery picture I created to review the grammar points. I then created a true and false as a formative assessment. As a summative students prepared a presentation on their pets/ideal pets as part of the family.

Tener/Adjetivos Posesivos Mystery Picture

I hope that these resources have given you some ideas on how to use readers as a way to begin incorporating TPRS and comprehensible input within a district-mandated curriculum.

If you are interested in the Tener/Adjetivos Posesivos Mystery Picture you can find it at my TpT store.

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