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Ideas, thoughts and resources for the School Unit Part 2

7th graders have recently begun talking about their school day and as mentioned in the previous post, it is a topic that they really enjoy as they are new to the middle school wing of our school and are new to having multiple teachers. We’ve been using vocabulary to talk about the school day, subjects, who teaches the classes, what periods they are in, what classes are interesting, boring, practical, etc. This week they delve a little deeper with their conversations using subject pronouns and verbs. My goal for my students is to teach grammar as a concept and use it in context. That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes stop and do a grammar pop-up lesson when students need it. At the middle school level, I find that students need it. A quick and fun activity usually fits the bill and makes it a little less boring.

This is where my 7th graders are right now. I’m getting ready to introduce their first reader next week so that we can continue implicitly learning using subject pronouns, the present tense, recycling vocabulary learned for likes, dislikes, telling time, and so much more. I will be sharing what I will be doing with the reader as I go along. Follow my Facebook page for updates on what I’m doing with this reader and my 8th graders.

If you are interested in any of the above resources here are the links:

El Día Desordenado de Roberto

Dice Game for practicing Verb conjugations

Teacher Catalina

I hope these ideas and resources are helpful to you. I hope that I can contribute and help in any way I can. We are all in this together. Let us support each other!

Hasta la próxima!

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