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Digital Readers to complement Realidades Units, movies and spring break

Mi gente, it’s been a week (well more like two)! but I’m looking at spring break next week and I can’t wait. Seems like the students are feeling it too because they are just as ansy as I am!

In my last post, both 7th and 8th graders were starting to read Flangoo Digital Readers after wrapping up Realidades Capítulos 1B and 5A. The curriculum has been moving slowly due to reduced class time, but I really feel that students have been benefiting so much from the addition of these readers. It has made what we are learning so much more relevant and fun. 8th graders are reading La Quinceañera de Nayeli and starting Capitulo 5B – Vamos a un restaurante, and 7th Graders are reading Matemáticas y Messi.

Matemáticas y Messi is about a boy who loves fútbol and his idol is Lionel Messi. He hates math and hates to study. His grades are nothing to write home about. As a matter of fact, his parents are ready to make a deal with him if he gets a good grade on his next text. This reader was perfect for after the School Unit. Students have learned vocabulary for talking about their schedule, describing their classes school day, subjects, who teaches the classes, what periods they are in, what classes are interesting, boring, practical, etc. Since we only have 4 days in school this week, I decided that we would finish Matemáticas y Messi before leaving for spring break, and in that way, we would start our new unit upon our return. This reader is a “pre-reader” and therefore, does not include comprehension questions. I have been making my own questions and using a slide that includes question words and the super seven. In one of my first posts, I mentioned that I found this through Profesora Delgadillo’s website and La Profe de Espanol’s store on TpT and have adapted it to work with my novices. It’s a free download and it has really helped my 7th graders with confidence to answer questions and structure complete sentences.

To introduce the reader I started with an essential question and we discuss it. This hooks them in and gets them thinking about the conflict or problem they are encountering in their reader. Then students read silently and have the option to listen (Flangoo has an audio option) to the text while they are reading. These chapters are short, and I find that my students are done within 10 to 15 minutes. I then read to them, while they chorally translate for comprehension. The last thing they do is answer the comprehension questions and we review them together. After reading the chapter, we do a “dramatic interpretation” of the chapter. This is a fun way to get the students to re-read again and promote acquisition. With Chapter 1 and I participated with another student. Students had so much fun listening as I played the part of the Mom and one of my most out-going students played the part of Andres (the main character in the book). Students received a lot of input from this and they were excited to continue reading and looking forward to more activities like the one we had just done.

The pre-readers only have 6 chapters, perfect for students who are beginning readers of books in the target language. Currently, we are working on Chapter 4 and we will be finishing up on Tuesday. If you are interested in seeing my resources, I share them on my Facebook Page. Join me there if you are interested in collaborating with Flangoo Digital Readers. My students will be ready for Spring Break by Wednesday and my plan is to show the movie Atletico San Pancho. If you show movies to your students, this is a perfect way to ease into Spring Break and a great way to end reading Matemáticas y Messi. Atletico San Pancho is about a group of kids who have a dream to play a soccer championship and to win. Their dream is going to be fulfilled by Don Pepe, an old guy with lots of expectations for his kids and I will be using this Atlético San Pancho Movie Guide Questions.

My 8th graders are reading La Quinceañera de Nayeli and have started Realidades 5B Vamos a un Restaurante Unit. One of the conflicts in this digital reader is the cost of a quinceañera and I have assigned them a project to research what is involved and what the cost can be when having a quinceañera. We will end the week with this and when we return from Spring Break will dive right into our 5B unit.

This is where my 7th and 8th graders are right now. I will be sharing what I will be doing with the readers as I go along. Follow my Facebook Group for Flangoo Digital Reader Users where I will post what I’m doing with the readers I am using, please join me! Follow my Facebook page for updates on what I’m doing in class!

If you are interested in any of my resources you can find them in my TpT Store.

I hope these ideas and resources are helpful to you. I hope that I can contribute and help in any way I can. We are all in this together. Let us support each other!

Hasta la próxima!

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