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¿Adónde Vas? - Resources and Digital Reader for Capítulo 4A (Autentico 1/Realidades 1)

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Usually, this unit is later in the year with 7th graders, but because of how things have been with the pandemic, I am teaching this unit to 8th graders after the Para Empezar review. We started with the vocabulary and a lot it was surprisingly easy because of all the reading we did last year! I'm telling you I have seen such an improvement with my students since we have incorporated the digital readers from Flangoo! My students love mystery digital pictures and I delivered this one ( ¿Adónde vas? Digital Mystery Picture Realidades/Autentico 1 Capítulo 4A) for them to enjoy. I always include personalized questions that we can use for discussion and they were excited to talk about where they go in their free time.

We then moved on to talking about where we go using the verb "ir" and the ir + a + el and making the contract "al" when the location is masculine. I used this ¿Adónde vas? - Práctica del verbo "ir" y Vocabulario con A La y Al activity that helped them comprehend and acquire this complex structure.

Questions words are always displayed prominently in my classroom, but with this unit, they had to put it together to ask questions and respond with where they go. I used ¿Adónde vas? - Spanish Question Words Practice having them read the answers to the questions to come up with the question.

To wrap up the unit, we are now reading ¿Ahorita? by Inga Paterson Zuniga on Flangoo. A very relatable story but at the same time a lesson in the meaning of "ahorita", a playful take on the meaning of a very confusing word! Students enjoy learning the colloquial expression and modes of communication as two friends text each other to meet up. Students do a research project on the setting of the reader which is San Miguel de Allende, México and they also do a project where they "fake text" each other to make alternate plans. Follow my Facebook Group for Flangoo Digital Reader Users linked below for the basic document.

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